andy glass

web developer

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Hi! I’m Andy Glass and I make the internet.

I’m a Brooklyn, NY based web developer inspired to create software to enrich lives.

I’m not married to any specific technology, but I typically play in Ruby on Rails, HTML5 and jQuery.

I especially love participating in civic tech, integrating with Amazon Mechanical Turk, building responsive apps and/or using the Google Maps API.

Explore NYC Parks

I built Explore NYC Parks to give my fellow New Yorkers a better way to navigate our city's spectacular parks. The project was awarded the grand prize for Best 'Play' App and an additional prize for Best Data Tool from the 2014 NYC BigApps competition. You can access it as a responsive web app via or in the iOS App Store.

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I worked for LivingSocial in a full-time role for 3 years. Our SOA architecture provided me the opportunity to work in multiple of our applications. On the shop team, I helped the physical products vertical by building/maintaining our web site and mobile web app, recently overhauling our mobile checkout flow. On the events team, I built an attendee management system, created API integrations with ticketing providers and designed calendar interfaces for purchasing deals to upcoming events

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NYC Accessible

NYC Accessible was created to improve the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers with disabilities. NYC Accessible users can easily retrieve up to date accessibility information on Subway stations, including ADA accessibility, all elevator/escalator locations and service information, and current elevator/escalator outages. Additionally, users can also sign up for email and SMS text message alerts for elevator/escalator outage updates.

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I've been working on a contract-basis with a startup, DipJar, to help develop a hardware product: the first ever credit card tip jar. My work focuses on building and maintaining their Rails back-end infrastructure and also continuing full-stack feature development.

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While living in Washington DC, I built a SMS-based tool for obtaining Metro arrival times. It uses Twilio to retrieve the upcoming train arrival schedule in real-time from WMATA's API.


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